Monday, April 16, 2007

cake and skating and pirates!! 

So it was my birthday on Sunday, so the weekend was super-happy-fun time!

On Saturday, Sharon and Sarah organized a dinner at White Spot (aka. the Caucasian Stain) for a select few people. On the way there, me and Matt stopped to pick up an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen, and Matt had it inscribed with, "Happy Birthday Fruit Bat!" We arrived at White Spot, where the best of the best were waiting for us. We got to order pirate paks, which was awesome, and Sarah came prepared with tinfoil hooks, bandannas, and a 'parrot' to sit on my shoulder, so we looked the part. During our meal we spoke with a pirate accent, punctuated by many an "Arrrr!", and "Me matey!" and the occasional "Ahoy!" After our meal, as we were leaving the restaurant, I was departing with Sarah, and I found out that walking semi-backwards and yelling across the parking lot is inadvisable when there are speed bumps right in front/behind you. I bailed gloriously, landing on my right hip and butt cheek. Good thing I have a lot of padding, but it still ouched! We adjourned to my place, where everyone got their first glimpse of the new digs, and then off we went to 8 Rinks for ice-skating! This is were you really find out how feeble you now are. After a few scary minutes where I was certain I was going to plummet forward and break something, I got a bit more acclimated to the skates, and got to go a bit faster. Man, you sure feel it when you use muscles you haven't used in a bit! Then a few of use went to Dave's to watch, "Lady in the Water," which I of course fell asleep for most of. I was all tuckered out!

On Sunday, Matt and I made breakfast, and watched,"Stranger than Fiction," starring Will Ferrell. Good movie, odd but good. Then I was off to meet my mom and grandma for dinner. We were going to go to Swiss Chalet, but my mom called me from outside and said there was no way in hell we were going there, as there were about 40 people in line waiting for tables, and the parking lot was chock full as well. So, we went where we go every year - White Spot. Instead of my usual hamburger, I went wild and had a Quesadilla. Yummy! My mom and grandma gave me some gifts, and me and my mom laughed at some of the things Baba said and heard. My mom proclaimed that she felt as if she was in a John Cleese skit. Ahhh, moms!

So, that was my 26th B-day.

Coming up next in my wild life: paying school tuition, and saving up for a new couch, since my armchair broke. Also, ongoing decorations to put up in my apartment. I put up star lights on my living room ceiling today, and it looks smashing! Just smashing!!

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