Thursday, March 29, 2007


In preparation for me moving, I made myself a budget in excel, to make sure I didn't spend money on stuff I don't need with no recollection of where it went. Did you know that on average people spend $60 a week with no idea where it went? So, I have been allocating every dollar from my paycheques to a number of 'accounts', such as rent, RRSP, groceries, etc, all in all about 35 accounts. I have been doing good, except that I have been overspending on snacks/food when out. So, in order to rectify this, I am now unable to spend any money until my next paycheque. This is the time when you eat what you have in your cupboards, all that food that you would otherwise leave in favor for something else. Sigh...
Speaking of cupboards, I am going to make mine cowprint! I got some of that stuff that you roll and stick into the bottom of your drawers, or on shelves, and I'm going to cover my cupboard doors in it instead. Moooo! And I have to install these halogen lights that Matt got me a while ago, and then my kitchen projects will be complete, at least for the time being.

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