Monday, February 19, 2007


After searching since basically Christmas, I have finally found a place I like, in a great area, and they said I can have it! Yay! It's right by Highgate, at Kingsway and Edmonds-ish, so I'll be right at the Save-On-Foods, the 24-hr drugstore, the bakery, the porn store (totally wasted on me), the little produce store, Value Village, a dollar store, McDonald's (true test of will), Me-n-Ed's Pizza (maybe I'll actually try it out one of these days!), and.... a BINGO hall! Rock on! I can either take one of two 5-minute buses to the skytrain, or (if it isn't raining/snowing/boiling hot) walk to the skytrain (if I am not feeling ridiculously lazy or exhausted). There is a huge deck for Alfalfa (once I escape-proof it), and lots of good closet space for me to hide things from myself. Lots of light, and a digital thermostat thingy! Score! Now I'll just have to do the calling around to get my mailing address changed. That's one good thing about moving - you only have to let who you want to get mail from know what your new address is, and all the other stuff that you don't care about gets lost! Hahaha, stupid junk mail!
I will need to figure out who I want to get for my internet, phone, and cable services. Shaw is looking good for all 3, but if I get the phone and internet with Rogers, and bundle it with my cell phone, I save 10%. Hmmm! Torn! Or, Telus is offering a $100 AMX gift card with one year sign up, or a digital camera (which I don't need) for 2-3 year sign up. I don't know!
So cute!!! She will be a little confused for a little while when we move, but once furniture is in place so she can get used to it, and once she gets to go outside onto her porch, she'll be fine! She might be a little lonely in the day, but maybe someone will go visit her once in a while when I'm not there?
I am finally getting rid of this debt I had to Revenue Services of Canada for my MSP Premiums. It's amazing what doing your last 3 years of taxes gets accomplished! It's kind of annoying having to be on hold for so long, and the having to talk to two different places about the same thing, but it's all getting cleared up now! I love not having this thing hanging over my head, this black cloud of doom. It feels way better. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!...............
I have made myself a budget, allotting a certain amount every paycheck to different categories, such as rent, groceries, entertainment, dentist, basically everything I could think of that I would need to spend money on in a year. It will work really well, after this first month after moving. I have to pay a half months pet deposit in addition to the half months damage deposit, so it's going to gobble up a big chunk of my money this next little bit. Oh well, I'll be all good after! I want to actually save some money up, aside from my RRSP's. I don't want to end up poor and in debt when I am older!

Ok, that's enough for today! It's bathroom time!

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