Tuesday, January 16, 2007

mmmm, blood and penis 

So we went to Body Worlds 3 at Science World on Sunday morning at 4am. We bought the tickets in advance, since they were selling like hotcakes, and it's a good thing we did, because they were all sold out! It was so weird, being the middle of the night and so many people at science world. There were even little kids there, which we didn't understand, because why would you bring your 6 year old to see something like that? They wouldn't truly understand what they were looking at, for one thing, and I doubt they would even understand enough to be amused at the numerous penises and testicles, as younger kids would be. The cross section of the penis was not as interesting as I imagined it would be. They had ovaries too, with tumors, but not with cysts, which I would have loved to see, since I get them. There were some exhibits where there was only the blood vessels of a body part so you were looking at a kidney-shaped blood vessel bunch. They also had a rooster like that, which I liked but Matt found creepy. Then there was the embryo section, so you could see each week what a baby looked like inside, and some that were premature. There was the lung cancer section, which was sooo gross. There were healthy lungs, and then lungs that were black from all the smoking the owner of them did. Yick! Anyway, I am hungry, so I will be cutting this short.

PS. I think I had an ovarian cyst burst last night at 5am. I woke up to such pain in my abdomen, but nothing like the previous 2 times. Yay, cysts! I am always worried that the pain I feel could be my appendix filling up with poisonous fluids, readying to explode and kill me, and not a cysts. That'll be the day...

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