Thursday, October 12, 2006

fuck fuckity fuck fuck 

I am in a particularly foul mood right now, due to being woken up by my cat repeatedly ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY, because she has realized that she can simply push the bedroom door open, and why is that, do you ask?, because the bedroom door does not shut properly, it doesn't click shut, because the landlord simply ignores everything that needs to be done, including the fact that the heating vents need to be cleaned and checked and one of the vent lines needs to be repaired because there is a big gap in one of the seals, and seeing as we live in the basement it is colder than upstairs even, and until all this maintenance has been done we aren't using the heat, and no matter how many times the person whose name is actually on the lease and has any sort of legal recourse in regards to the arbitration board calls him and leaves him messages he doesn't answer of return any messages, and when he comes to pick up the rent once a month, which is the golden opportunity to point things out to him that need to be done, like fixing the fucking door, he says that he doesn't know how to do it, can we do it for him, and Matt always says sure he'll do it, but he doesn't know how to do it either, and it will never get done, and I am effectively trapped in this house until July 2007, so I can't do anything about anything!!! I hate this fucking house, and the lazy fucking landlord, and all the shit that has to be done and isn't done - I mean, we were here for a good three weeks without working lights in the bathroom before he bought a new fixture, and when he brought it here, he didn't have time to actually install it, so I did it, even thought I have never installed a light fixture, granted it isn't too complicated, but it isn't my job damnit!!! When you buy a house to rent out to other people, should you not enter into this with the understanding that you are responsible for maintenance in the house, and the safety of the tenants, such as possible fire hazards with plug outlets that don't work, and stairs that are dangerous to walk down?? Landlords should be part of some organization such as the BBB, with licensing so that if they don't do their FUCKING JOB they lose their license and are no longer allowed to be a landlord, and no more people need to be subjected to their laziness, and in some cases the deplorable conditions that I have seen on the news sometimes with slumlords.... while we're at it, why aren't people licensed to have a kid? you need a license to drive a car, but not to make and care for another human being, and sometimes it takes extreme circumstances for government to get involved if a child has been mistreated by their lifegivers, who I wouldn't necessarily call parents in some cases............... ARGHHHHHHHHHH!GHGHGHAGHGHRHGHGHGHGYARGHAYAYYAYWAAHHGHA!!!!

(this may have something to do with the fact that the other day Matt made me laugh, and I broke out in tears that were not simply tears of laughter or joy, but I suspect that it had more to do with stresses that I try to ignore since I am powerless to change them this year in this house, and the fact that in the past few days I have felt my ovaries engaging in cystlike activities, be it making them, or preparing to pop existing ones, and it hurts, and I am afraid of the pain that usually accompanies a bursting cyst, since I am effectively crippled with pain for 30-50 minutes when that happens..... I am a lame horse, someone shoot me)

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