Friday, April 21, 2006

bloody awesome!! 

Oh man, this is great!!! AJ posted it on his MySpace, and am I ever glad he did!! SO FUNNY!!!! Wakawakawakawakawakawakawakawakawakawaka!!!

(AJ's MySpace address is http://www.myspace.com/newandimprovedaj, and for some reason blogger won't let me insert it as a hyperlink above!! Does anyone know why? Kinda annoying! Makes me wonder if it'll do that with anything else!!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Well, fuck you too! 

So, it was my birthday this past Saturday, yay me! Had a few people over, had a good night. Also, my work gives us our birthday off with pay. Score!
On Monday night I went out to dinner with my mom and her old linguistics professor, who my mom is friends with. A bit of background on this woman, before I continue...
-She's like 60-something years old.
-She attended and taught at SFU.
-I believe she is originally from New York. Her sister and son live there.
-She paid for my tuition at Douglas College for a few semesters, but then I decided I didn't want to have to call her all the time to arrange money, especially when she has no answering machine, and doesn't answer the phone when she's eating or listening to her radio shows. Worst game of phone tag ever. So I started paying for myself, especially since I could when I got my current job.
-Last time she brought me out to dinner for my birthday, probably 5 years ago, she took me to Horizons restaurant on SFU. I didn't like it. Too fancy, none of the food was normal! She loved it, though..........
Anyway, about a week ago me and my mom brought over some flowers for her birthday. When we were there, she said she'd take me out to dinner for my birthday, asked me where I wanted to go? I said White Spot, because that's about the fanciest place I'll go. She looked taken aback, asked if I was serious? Didn't I want her to take me somewhere nice? (White Spot is nice, what the hell's wrong with it? I mean, its a bit expensive, but what the hell.) Then she asks if I want her to choose the place? (Hellooo, did I not just choose a place?!?) Luckily her son was over at the time, and he says, "Mom, you asked the birthday girl where she wants to go, and she said White Spot." Thanks, man! So, arrangements were made.
DINNER: We are looking at menus, and my mom says one dish looks good. This woman poo-poo's it, says she can't see how it would be good. Urgh... So we order, and they both get the same thing, with this woman getting everything on the side, and telling the waiter that she can't imagine that the dish will taste good the way it is normally. (Then order something else that isn't too difficult for you to understand, how about that?) Throughout the whole time there, she kept making remarks about what a horrible waiter our server was, when he was so polite the whole time. Then, whenever she wanted something, she didn't just wait for him to float by and wave briefly to catch his attention, like most people do - she actually put her hand up and out, like she was in class or hailing a cab, and left it like that until someone came by. It was actually kind of embarrassing being with her, with her treating the servers like that. I started to realize that me and my mom were talking mostly to each other, so I tried to find ways of including this woman into the conversation. Difficult, when you are so completely different. She asks me what I want to do with my life, harping on the fact that I have no plans to go to University. (I am happy attending a College and working towards my Diploma; if I change my mind later, so be it.) She is a University snob. So, we are done eating, just sitting a bit before we leave, and she says to me, "I don't think it's been all that long since I last saw you, but you have put on quite a bit of weight. How does that happen?" Ok, I am not stupid, and I can come to the same conclusion myself that yes, I have put on weight, and I am slowly working to correct it. But to ask me a question like that? Holy mackerel! Everyone I have told about this so far agrees that she is quite rude. Matt told a friend, and friend says, "Does this woman not like Natasha?"
So, as we are leaving the restaurant, she gives me a birthday card, says, "Happy Birthday!" Yeah, whatever lady! I open it later, and she wrote me a cheque for $50. Nothing I like getting for a present more than money, but I don't think I want to keep this present. I think I will be sending it back to her, with a letter telling her that for someone so 'educated', she needs to learn some manners and tact! Maybe I'll ask her why she's so fat, as she isn't exactly 120lbs either. Or maybe I'll throw something out there like, "Hey, where's you get that wicked moustache?" Nah, that's too rude. See, I have manners! What are YOUR thoughts?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

FREE!!!! .............temporarily, anyway........ 

Yay! I just came home from my Payroll final exam!! I now have 3 weeks of freedom, until my new classes start!! Let's see, what to do with my time?..........
-Use the $50 gift card for BC Liquor for my uncle got me for christmas
-Do some much needed filing
-Figure out what to do for my last 3 years of taxes
-Fix my information with Equifax
-Pick my nose
-Possibly visit Playland
-Play with my cat
-Play with my boyfriend
-BBQ more

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Personality Test 

Go here to take an easy personality test!!

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