Saturday, March 11, 2006

Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmmmmm....." 

Have you ever noticed that 'laughter' is only one letter away from 'slaughter'?

Friday, March 10, 2006

You know you're old when........ 

So, I'm on the bus coming home from school. I'm tired because I've been up for 19 hours, I'm dejected because I am not understanding what we're doing in class, I have a little bit of my big headache from earlier leftover, and the sun shining right into my eyes isn't helping any. About 12 teenagers get on the bus, talking pretty loudly. I'm listening to them, and there's one conversation about how the pizza tastes at one place, and one conversation about a friend who is lucky to be alive after getting in a drunk-driving accident, and another conversation about who is more of a delinquent. This last conversation consisted of these two kids telling each other about fights they've been in, teachers they've threatened, a night spent in jail, etcetera and so forth. I'm sitting and listening, wondering if these kids think they sound cool, someone should tape record them and make them listen to themselves.......then I realized.......THIS IS WHAT WE SOUNDED LIKE 8 YEARS AGO!!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

C'mon people!! 

There are still people out there who don't recycle!! Why? SO easy to do!! In Vancouver there is a limit to how many bags of garbage each house can put out. If this applied to all cities, some people would have some serious changes to make.
One to two people should produce no more than one small kitchen catcher bag of garbage a week. The rest of their tossables should be in recyclable form. There are only two of us, and we produce one small bag of garbage a week, as well as at least a quarter to a full blue bin of plastic/glass recyclables, and a fairly full yellow bag of paper recycling. The rest of the recyclables do have to be taken in somewhere. Save-on-Foods or Safeway will take everything else, such as soft plastics, returnable bottles and cans, and milk cartons. It's so easy to do! All the things that could be recycled, and instead are thrown out with the garbage, will end up sitting and being un-reused.
Did you know that they can make t-shirts out of plastic bottles? And that car companies are making a fairly large percentage of their cars out of recyclables? Think about it, man. I mean, I know the world is going to explode or something in however many hundreds of years, and there is really no way to fully take back the damage that we as a species have inflicted on the planet, but by recycling and reusing materials, we can knock a few years off that time. By recycling more, there is less need for fresh materials, and trees and other sources will last longer. And there will be less stuff just sitting around in the sun, or wherever garbage goes.

I am not a big tree-hugger or anything, I am not about to chain myself to a tree to keep it from being bulldozed over (not into bondage), but it really does boggle my mind how much stuff people throw out that could be recycled!

That is today's rant. Thank you for participating.

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