Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More not-so-happy news.... 

Ok, I am a little late in posting about this, but hey!

I know some of you are already aware, but on Thursday night last week, Alfalfa had a seizure. I was at work, and I got a call at about 3am from Matt, saying that something was wrong with Alfalfa. I thought he meant the usual, that she is in general weird. Then he tells me he thinks she had a seizure. Apparently, Matt was playing with her, making her chase her favorite toy in the world, an old boot-lace, and she started chasing her tail around in a circle like she does sometimes. Then she started going around and around faster and faster, making weird noises. Then she started smashing her head into the walls really hard, and afterwards she lay down on the ground panting, not moving. I found a 24-hour animal hospital, and Matt took Alfalfa there. He says that the whole way to the hospital, she just lay there, panting. So, after a few hours at the emergency costing $720, and then a day at her usual vets for another $55-ish, she is back at home. She has been quieter than usual, and unusually affectionate.
The vet says that she may have epilepsy. If she does have epilepsy, depending on the frequency of the seizures, medication may or may not be the thing to do. So, basically, I know nothing, and it cost a lot to find that out!
At least Alfalfa is basically okay.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Un-happy news 

I was calling various people today to let them know that the voicemail on my phone is no more, and to give anyone who doesn't already have it my home number. I called my grandma, and she gave me some rather unfortunate news. Try and follow this - My mom's brother is Nick; his wife is Shirley; her sister is Vivian. (So, Vivian would be my second-aunt or something? I'm not sure how that works.) Vivian was a severe alcoholic. Well, she died yesterday. My uncle Serge (who is the brother to Nick and my mom) and two other guys would always go over there to take care of her, make sure she at least ate something, make sure she didn't fall down and break another bone, etc. They were last over there on Monday night. Apparently they were trying to phone her all day yesterday, and no answer. So Serge went over there last night, and found her deceased at the kitchen table.
This is very sad news. But, also, it is a relief to know that she won't be in any danger or pain any more. I know that is kind of an awful thing to say, that it is a relief that she is dead, but I'm sure you all understand what I mean by that.
I only saw her a few times over the last few years. I wish I had gone to visit her more often, but it is so hard to be around someone who is that separated from reality.
I have lately been more aware that every time you see someone it could be the LAST time you see them; this just solidifies that realization.
I know I sound like one of those sappy "pass this on" emails, but it's true - each time you see or speak to someone, don't leave each other unhappy, or angry. If you never get to see or speak to them again, you will be left with what could be feelings of guilt. I had that ten years ago when one of my friends committed suicide, and it took me a long while before I could accept that it wouldn't have mattered if I had done anything differently the last time I saw him, that he probably would have made the same decision. But there is always that shadow of doubt way in the back of my mind -- what if?
Over the years I have become more introverted, not going out as much as I used to, not seeing everyone as much as I'd like. And I always get people saying, "Gee, why don't you ever call me anymore? What are you, some kind of hermit?" And it's true! I am old, or at least I feel it, and my world has become one consisting mainly of work, school, sleep, and trying to organize things like bills and household detritus. The 'olden days' of trying to find a party every weekend where I know everyone there are long gone. This is due to many different factors, like people getting jobs, growing up, moving away, just generally not keeping the same friends forever. You can't revisit the good ol' days, no matter how much you want to. People change, not always for the better, and then it's today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

ok, ok, time to post! 

Yes, it's about that time again, time for me to post something!

-School has started out again for the semester. I got one of my favorite teachers, so the class should go splendidly! It is Payroll, which I have done components of in my Accounting and Office Math classes already, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
-I will be scanning ALL the Disneyland pictures in the next bit, and I will be putting them in Flickr (by the way, feel free to sponsor me for a Pro Flickr account, anyone!)
-I got a raise at work! Sweet!
-For the past year, I have had free anytime minutes on my cell. That is ending next week. So, anyone who doesn't already have it, email me for my home number, and you can try me there. I was also planning on killing my voicemail on my cell at some point, so get used to leaving me messages on my home number.
-I was at work on New Years' eve until 8pm, and sometime during the day my eyes started to really bug me, feeling dry and painful. I took my contacts out for a bit, but over the next few days my eyes got increasingly redder and painful. Turns out I got pink eye from somewhere, could have been anywhere, maybe while I was christmas shopping. I was on the bus when it was really red, and trying to hide my eyes from people because I looked like a complete crackhead or something! I can't wear my contacts for the next 3 weeks or so! AGAIN! I just had 2 months of no contacts! It's things like these that make me actually consider getting laser eye surgery. I am so scared of being the one person out of a million or whatever that goes blind because of it, though. I have heard of Matt's friends who have gotten it, and love it. It has been so long since I have been able to see as soon as I wake up, or pass out watching TV or reading and not having to worry about taking my contacts out or take my glasses off. If only Hermoine or Harry Potter were here, they could just magic me back into sight! Actually, that is something I have wondered about... If they are wizards, why can't they just fix Harry's eyes so he doesn't need glasses? They know magic, for pete's sake! Someone explain that one to me! If I found out I was a witch/wizard, that would be one of the first things I would look into - magic eye surgery!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years 2005-2006 

So, I worked New Years' Eve until 8pm, then I met up with Matt and Dave. We stopped by our house to get our alcohol for the evening, and went to Port Moody. We stopped at a bar to get a quick bite to eat, and our waitress was someone I went to high school with! This ended up being the pattern for the evening, with me running into people from high school at the party in Port Moody, and also at my old house, where Sam and Steve were also having a party. We three ended the evening at Knight and Day, with me falling asleep waiting for the food, and Dave also falling asleep at some point. Good bacon, though....
As I expected, I woke up after a solid 4 hours sleep. This always seems to happen when I have been out drinking, at a party. I got back to sleep okay, but I kept waking up every 4 hours! So annoying!
I have been feeling generally crappy lately, getting frequent headaches and getting very fatigued. What with my lemon-sized cysts, I should be replaced with a newer model! I think I'm defective.

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