Friday, December 23, 2005

mango pepper cysts 

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Field-trip to the hospital; broken computer 

So, I was sleeping Wednesday day, and got woken up at 2:30 by Matt's alarm so he would wake up for work. I went pee (as happens when I am woken up), and right after I got horrible pain in my abdomen. I thought it was just my bladder going into shock from being suddenly emptied, and hoped it would go away. A few minutes later and it got worse, and worse, and worse. It felt like my insides were melting, or eating each other. So I decided I should probably make a trip to the emergency room to see if I was going to die. Matt drove me there, and after waiting in the first waiting area, I got all checked in, and had to pee in a cup. I am so sick of peeing in cups! I am so bad at it, too. You guys sure have it lucky! So I placed my pee on the registration counter as I was told to do, and waited in the second waiting area to be called in. The stabbing pain had lessened by this point, and I was feeling better. Matt had to go to work, but his parents came and sat with me. Over the span of probably 15-20 minutes, while I was waiting, I watched my pee sitting there, and wondered when someone would take it away? It sat, and sat.... Finally, I was called in, and I told the nurse on my way in that my pee was still awaiting instructions. She said ok, and I went into my little exam room. Matt's mom came in with me, and we waited for the doctor. Lucky me, I got to wear the open-backed robe. So the doctor came in, and asks me if I have given a urine sample yet? I say, "yes, when I came in." She says "all right," and asks me all the diagnostic questions. Then she pokes at my sides and abdomen, and the same spot on my right that has been hurting me for a month or more now got annoyed by all the poking, and started to hurt again. So she says my awful gut-wrenching pain could be anything, but she hazarded a few guesses: gall stones; or possibly a cyst had burst in my ovary. Joy! She left, and I waited, and another girl came in and stole a lot of my blood. She was very nice about it, though. She also works at Riverview Mental Hospital. I thought they were all shut down, but apparently they are not totally shut down yet. Then I got to put my clothes back on, and go sit in the third wating area. We waited, and waited, and waited.... After like an hour and a half, the doctor comes up to me and says everything so far looks okay, but my pregnancy test (!) isn't done yet; apparently they misplaced my urine. Argh!!! Anyway, they found it (again), and all looks good. So, after 4.5 hours in the hospital, I know nothing.
On Friday I got to go for ultrasound. They made me drink a litre of water two hours before my appointment, and I had to hold it. As she's doing the ultrasound, she is of course pushing on my bladder. I am trying sooooo hard NOT to pee all over the table. Finally I get to go pee..... Ahhhhh, sweet relief! She does the rest of the test, further aggravating my tender area, and goes away. She comes back, says we're all done, nothing urgent, and the results will be at my doctor's in about 3 business days.
So, I still know nothing about why I suddenly got stabby pain in my abdomen, or why my side had been tender like a well-beaten steak for a month and a bit. Matt's dad says I'm faking (ha ha).
After my ultrasound, I was farting around on my laptop. Now, for a few weeks the power cord has been wonky. The computer refuses to believe that it is in fact plugged in, and keeps telling me that my battery power will run out soon, I better plug it in. Stupid technology! Finally I found a way to angle the cord so it finds the power source, and as I'm sitting there I start to notice a.... plasticy smell. A minute later a small wisp of smoke comes from where the power cord plugs into my computer! I immediately turned it off. The female end of the cord has been singed on the inside! Good lord! That's not safe at all!
Luckily, when I bought the damn thing from Future Shop, after debating about getting the extra 3-year warranty, I decided to go for it. So I have to take it in, get any data I want to keep retreived by the people in-store, and then they will send it away to get fixed. I will be without computer for about 2 months. Cry! And I can't really use Matt's computer either; it has an STD from too much porn. So, if you don't see me on MSN for a while, that would be why...

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