Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ew, ew, and more ew 

So, I'm at work last night, and Matt (my live-in bitch) calls me to tell me some freaky news. He was sitting on the toilet (as he is prone to do), and noticed some cobwebby bits near the toilet paper roll. He thinks, "Hey, spiders must be wandering over here. I wonder where from?" So he gets out the flashlight, and starts poking around the bathroom counter. There is a gap between the countertop and the cabinetry underneath, and he aimed the flashlight through this gap. The beam goes all the way through under the counter, and you can see through to the back wall. Under the counter at the rear wall is another gap between it and the cabinetry, and this is what he sees:

Yes, these are hypodermic needles. Perched on a ledge under my bathroom sink.
There are two of them here, at the rear wall, and there are two more on the right side of the cabinet, closer to the front.
Now, I had heard from the landlord, the upstairs tenants, and the cable company that the last tenants were not exactly model citizens. They left owing everyone money; when I called to get the cable hooked up, they made me fax over a copy of the tenancy agreement so they would know that it was new tenants, and not the old tenants. I am thinking that these items of paraphernalia belong to those same tenants.
We have to tell the landlord about this, and get someone like the needle exchange to come pick them up.
Now I am wondering where else in the house things like this might be hidden. I have already searched a few places, and so far nothing. It's like the worst, most awful Easter egg hunt ever! I am almost afraid to reach into storage areas now, storage areas that I have plunged blindly into many times before. It is rather creepy... Imagine all the other things that places could have hidden inside them. This is definitely a reason to buy a new house, as opposed to an old house.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Depeche Mode 

Ah yes! Concert time again! Last night was an excellent sound experience...
The Ravenettes were the opening band. I had never heard them before, and they were pretty good. They opened with "Everyday" by Buddy Holly, but a much slower, longer version that I am used to hearing. I was reminded of a lot of the bands of the 80's, with a modern edge. The vocals were a little bland for my tastes, not enough 'oomph!', in my opinion. The lights were not very well synced with the music, but I figure that isn't the bands' fault. All in all, pretty good.
Depeche Mode - awesome! I have seen them many a year ago, and they were great back then as well. Dave Gahan was twirling around the stage with the mic stand a lot, like a pretty ballerina! I jest, but he plays the throat pipes like a dream. The stage had a space-travel look to it, all silver and curvy bits. Giant television screens in the rear of the stage played live shots of the band playing, along with drawings and pictures. It was like a giant live music video!
The weird thing is that there was lots of Depeche Mode swag (t-shirts, bags, mugs), but there was no Ravenettes stuff that we could see. Don't know if we just didn't see it, if it was a different table or something... Eh!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

MISSION: Accomplished! 

I finally went to go pee in a cup today! So hopefully sometime this week I will get a call from the doctor telling me what the results are. I was half-joking the other day that it would be good if I had ovarian cancer or something else that would render me barren, as I don't want children. I don't want to have anything quite that serious, though. I should start taking the pills that the doctor gave me... I haven't started taking them yet because I didn't want my pee test to be affected.
Now, I should really start to study, as I have a test on Monday, and seeing as I did none too stellar on the last one, studying is needed. They are open book tests, but I try not to open the text; it just feels like cheating to me! Silly, I know,...... But I feel the teacher looking around the room, watching us, and I imagine that he is watching, thinking,"She didn't actually learn anything! Tsk, tsk... Look at her, plodding through the text... CHEATER!" This is the way my mind works....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

stuff & things, things & stuff..... 

Okay, its been a while. What's going on in the gloriously boring world of Natasha?...
So, I got to pee in a cup at the doctor, to see what the pain in my side was. The doctor thought it might be either a bruised rib, or a gall bladder or some other organ problem. The pee test said nothing. So I went back to the doc, and I get to go pee in a cup at the MDS Metro Lab, so they can do a more extensive examination of my pee. Fun fun fun! Good thing is, my cold is gone! I also go this awesome corticosteroid cream for the spot of really dry, itchy skin I get on my hands every year. The stuff is magic! I have become addicted to it.
I went to the ophthalmologist, and he put dye in my eye (hey, that rhymes!), and found that the surface of my eyes is uneven and a bit infected. So, I haven't been allowed to wear my contacts for about 10 days. I HATE wearing my glasses!! I also get to drop steroid drops into my eyes 3 times a day. This sux! I get to go back to him on Wednesday, so he can look at my eyes again and see if they are better yet or what. Hopefully I will be allowed to wear my contacts again soon. It's especially annoying when it's raining out...
On Tuesday I get to go to Depeche Mode! Yay!!
On Monday my schedule goes back to normal! I have been working 8pm-8am on my weekday shifts for about a month and a bit because we have been short a receptionist, and training two more. They will finally be done this week, so I get to go back to 12am-8am. FINALLY!!!
So, yeah. That's the scoop!!

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