Tuesday, October 18, 2005


This Saturday, everyone head to the Cambie at 8:oopm!!! A bunch of us are going there, it will be awesome!! If you don't know what the Cambie is, you suck! Call me, or try and email me for info if you need anything more...

Friday, October 07, 2005

What the hell is wrong with me??? 

I haven't been feeling well at all for the past 3 weeks. I was all dehydrated a few weeks ago, didn't want to eat anything. Then I got sick with a cold, sore throat and snot-factory, along with vomiting up foamy spit. Then last week I got an awful pain in my lower right side (which I found out yesterday is about where my gall bladder might be) which subsided, but is still always faintly there. Now, my cold is finally mostly gone, but still lingering is leftovers from the snot-factory, as well as this nagging itchiness in my throat. I keep feeling like I have to cough, and when I get a satisfactory one out, it hurts my trachia...trachea? however you spell that. As well, I have been having issues with my right eye; is it changing prescriptions? is it the fault of my contacts? I want to dig my eyeball out with my fingers half the time, the fogginess is so annoying!!
I normally avoid going to the doctor, for a variety of reasons.
1. By the time you go to the doctor and get any medicine, your body is usually getting itself better by that point anyway, and you waste money on medicine.
2. I am sure there are way sicker people than me out there, and I am taking up their time with the doctor by complaining about my piddly little cough.
3. My family doctor is on Broadway and Cambie, which is just annoying for me to get to.
I have finally surrendered, and made appointments with both my family doctor and my opthalmologist. Surprisingly, the appointments are sooner than I thought I would get, especially with my opthalmologist. Now I just get to live with my annoying issues until a professional can tell me what my problem is!!!

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