Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fucking Retarded 

Okay, I am confused as to how this is a logical choice!

UPN decided not to renew 'Enterprise' for another season, regardless of all the fan suport, and the money that was being raised to keep the show running. So, instead of continuing 'Enterprise', they have purchased 6 episodes of Britney Spears and Kevin Whateverline's courtship. In what world is that the better choice? Have we as a society been so imbued by all the stupidity of reality TV, and pop stars' lives that we need to see what they did while dating? Will watching them help us in some way that I am not seeing? Will it help us see how to NOT become them, at the least? I am so disgusted with the state of the world....

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What HAVE I been up to?..... 

April 8th- Last day of classes for me! I had two tests, and that was that! So, no more skool for me until September. I will have to go down to skool sometime this summer and change my program to a more accounting-based one, but I have all summer to do that.
After my tests, me and two of my classmates (Colette and Wendy) went to Scruffy McGuire's Pub by skool to celebrate the end of the semester! Colette was saying how she is a creepy old men magnet, and they always talk to her in bars. Lo and behold! 3 old men had to come up and talk to us while we were there.... one of them came by like 5 times.... very funny!

April 13th - Saw 'Queens of the Stone Age', with opening band 'Throw Rag'. Now, 'Throw Rag' was an interesting band, I am not quite sure what to make of them. Watching them onstage was an experience all its own. The lead singer has his own special brand of dancing, involving shoes on hands, and humping the speakers that lined the front of the stage. One of the members of the band plays an old-fashioned washboard, rubbing it with metal spoons. At one point, he wen out into the audience and brought back one of the audience members with him a kid named Ezra, and he proceeded to play the washboard with the rest of the band. The lead singer was busy taking his clothes off in stages, ending wearing only his gonch, with his pants puddled around one ankle. Their music wasn't that bad, actually. I believe that it was the stage antics that caused all the booing..... Never have I heard such booing at a show! We were seated in the upper balconies, though, and I spoke to Luke, who was also at the show, but closer to the stage, and he was not aware of any booing. Perhaps everyone in the balconies was bitter because they were in the balcony and not down below, and therefore decided to express their rage? I know I would have preferred to be closer to the stage.
'Queens of the Stone Age' put on an excellent show, playing song after song, with minimal chatting. The stage was done up beautifully, with a backdrop of creepy trees, and ever changing lights. Very smooth! And even from my vantage point above, it was easy to see how gigantically tall Josh Homme is!

April 15th - My birthday. Woke up early, and my wonderful boy Boots took me to do some running around before the party that would commence later that day. Barbecued a lot of burgers, made some noise, ran away from the police........ good times! We now have an impressive row of dead soldiers lining the living room mantle-shelf-thing, and I will leave them there until the house starts to smell like a brewery.

April 17th - My mommy came to visit me, and gave me presents, even though I told her I didn't need anything... she never listens....

And now work.... again.... sigh......

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Yeah, I didn't have internet for a bit, so I wasn't online. Hence the lack of posts.
-Been busy with school. Luckily the semester is over on April 8th. Yay!
-Been busy with work. The stupidity of certain people is astounding! How many tmes can you say the same thing over and over and over again before you SnAp!
-Boots is now my bitch. Not yours, mine!
-Having a birthday party on Friday April 15th, so if you know me, come on down!
Not much else interesting to post right now...... I lead a very boring life sometimes.
The end.

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