Tuesday, March 15, 2005

People, what's wrong with you? 

Friday, March 11, 2005

Weird thoughts.............. 

You know how some people say that the only person you can ever rely on is yourself? Like, other people will say they will do something and then they won't.... or people will lie to you, or steal from you, or whatever.... Well, you can't even rely on yourself. You wanna know why? Because, you could get alzheimer's and forget everything you ever knew. Or you could become schizophrenic and people will think you are crazy. Or you could develop tourette's and not be able to say what you want to say. Or you could be paralyzed and not be able to do anything on your own, like breathe. Or you could go into a coma, and hear and see everything around you, but nobody will know that, and think you are brain-dead, and pull the plug.... So really, there is not one single person on the face of the planet you can rely on utterly and completely. Your whole life is just a big unknown. Isn't that a bit freaky to think of? We really don't have complete control over our lives, much as some of us would like to think so. We could get hit by some weird disease at any time.... or hit by a truck.... or any number of things could happen to you at any time. So, since you never know when you'll die, or be incapable of it anymore, have fun! Drink beer! Learn! Do all the shit you could be incapable of doing at any time! And remember that you should be glad you can, when so many other people have it so much worse than you. And stop complaining how hard you have it just because your parents didn't buy you a car for your birthday. And don't take all your misery out on other people. And remember that you inhabit the world with millions of other people, so treat others how you would like to be treated... Be real.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

For the love of dog!! 

Man....... Ok, when I was in Disneyland I bought this silver ring, for like $30 US. I like silver, and don't have any rings, so I bought it. Very happy that I did, wore it all the time.... Then I left it in the bathroom of Metrotown Silvercity. I always take rings off when I wash my hands, which is in retrospect a bad idea. I did get it back, though, when I checked if they had a lost and found the following week. Yay!!!
So, what do I do this past week? I lose it again! I am pretty sure I left it in the bathroom at school... I have checked the lost and found there, but I guess college kids are not as honest as the movie-going public. If I EVER get engaged, I damn well better not get a ring! I seem to be destined to never wear rings for a long period of time. Which sucks, because I do like them..... sigh....

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