Friday, December 31, 2004

Disneyland Countdown:17 days to takeoff! 

Well, as shitty as the last few days have been, it's been cheerier due to Sharon coming over and hanging out. Last night her and Neal came over, and we watched movies (me napping a bit throughout) with Sam, and played Scrabble, with Neal compulsively verifying words in the online Scrabble dictionary. I stumbled off to bed at the early hour of 3:30am, and I had a great 6 hours of sleep. Woke up, had a smacking fight with the boys, who thankfully left not long after. Watched a movie while Sharon slept on and on, eventually waking her at about 2:30pm (my room is pitch black at all hours, so it's very easy to sleep and sleep). We made potato pancakes, and then my landlord's son (Costa) came by with a Fed-Ex package for me..... it was our Disneyland tickets and information! Happy with sad.... I got to talk to Costa a bit about things, he says they're most likely not going to sell the house (comforting news, at least), and of course there is still so much to be decided. So, me and Sharon opened the Disneyland package (which included our luggage tags!!) and quickly perused it all. There are so many confirmation sheets, and vouchers.........it's all so magical! And of course everything is labelled "The happiest place on Earth!", which I could really use.....

I can't wait until Jan 9th. My last day before my two week vacation is the 8th, then I will sit at home with my thumb up my butt for a week (other than going to classes), and then we leave for Anheim! I can't wait to have time off...........

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

another reason to abhor the holidays.................. 

I was just going to sleep this morning, and Sam came in and told me that Cathy, our landlady, passed away last night. Like I can sleep now...... I was just getting to know her better, talk to her more..... she lent me her breadmaker yesterday. I asked her so many questions while I was baking stuff for my family, because she knew so much about baking and cooking. She was always a bit ill, since she had had a lot of ulcers removed about two-three (?) years ago, and was in the hospital for a year. While she was in the hospital, her husband had a stroke, so she has been taking care of him herself since then. She had good days, and a few bad ones, but mostly she was happy, very funny, very helpful.

This just completely sucks.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Stupid Christmas 

I don't like christmas. There's nothing special about it. I see my family one of the few times a year, even thought they live in Burnaby as well. There's turkey and mashed potatoes. And yeah.......... What most crosses my mind around November/December is the bad things that have happened this time of year.......... November: 1996 - one of my friends took is own life; 2004 - had Pooky, one of my cats of 12 years, put to sleep. December 2002 - I had my cat, Kitty, of 14 years put to sleep. One week later - was in a fairly bad car accident. One week after that - had my other cat, Ginger, of 14 years put to sleep. The two cats in December had cat AIDS, and the Ginger deteriorated much quicker than the first. Even though I was closer to Kitty than Ginger, seeing Ginger get so bad so fast was harder than watching Kitty get sicker and sicker. I also think that Kitty was a stubborn boy, and tried to kick his illness' ass before it could kick his. Sadly, it didn't work.... Also, my aunt's mom and/or grandma died on christmas eve or day one year, so that year was tainted as well. So, I don't go in for all the holiday cheer and garbage. There is nothing very cheery or happy about the end of the year for me, so don't wish me a happy anything!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bah Humbug......... 

Christmas is always a depressing time of year. This letter is a good indication of how I would have written a letter to Santa when I was little, if I had written letters to Santa and if I had had the vast vocabulary that I do now. Click on it to enlarge.Posted by Hello


Sharon has made a new post! It has been months since she did, and I am glad. Hopefully I can make her post regularly, so I will have another blog to read through!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bring on the telemarketers! 

For the past few days I have had some 1-866 number calling me while I am sleeping, and of course no messages are ever left. Finally today I answered it (cause I was still awake), and it was Rogers Wireless (my cell phone people). This guy starts to tell me that since I am SUCH an important customer, and it is Christmas (almost), they are calling with a special offer. Great......... I am just getting ready to go to sleep, and this is what I have to deal with. I was all ready to say "NO!" to whatever 'special offer' they threw at me, but it actually turned out to be a good thing, since I wanted to switch it up anyways. As the guy is trying to tell me my options (free this, free that), I start asking stupid questions......

Him: So, the monthly bill will be $35 a month, plus the system access fee, plus the 911 fee.........
Me: What if I don't wanna pay the 911 fee?
Him: Everyone pays it, it's a government thing, like taxes.
Me: Well, what if I don't want to call 911? I don't plan on needing to call them.
Him: You say that now, but one day you'll need to call them and you'll be saying, 'Sure glad I have the 911 access on my cell phone!'
Me: But I could call the operator and have her call. Or I could call a friend and say, 'Hey, call 911 for me, would you?'
Him: (kinda laughing) Well, there's nothing I can do about that. Even I have to pay it, just like the system access fee.
Me: What?! You have to pay the system access fee? But you work there! It should be free, like a perk for working for Rogers.
Him: Well, I don't make the rules, that's the way it is, unfortunately.
Me: You know what it's like, it's like the graduated licencing thingy. They make you take another drivers test, just so they can get another $50 or whatever out of you.
Him: Oh, we don't have that here. See, I'm in Montreal.
Me: How come you don't get it? That's not fair.
Him: Well, I may have to do that if I move out there next year.
Me: Oh, you're moving here? Do you have a licence already?
Him: No, not yet.
Me: Not even a learner's?
Him: No, not even.
Me: Oh, well you are gonna get stuck with the graduated licencing!
Him: Well that's if I move out there.
Me: So you take the bus?
Him: Yeah.
Me: How much do you pay for the bus out there?
Him: $30 a month for the Metro.
Me: Oh, you should stay out there.
Him: Well, it's still a maybe....
Me: Why wouldn't you?
Him: Well, it depends if I get a job out there or not, I'm still young, so I don't know...
Me: How old are you?
Him: Well, you're older than me.
Me: How do you know?
Him: Well, is shows your birthdate in your file....
Me: What? You can see all that! That should be personal info!
Him: Well, it's .........
Me: How old are you?
Him: I'm almost nineteen.
Me: Wow, you are young. I mean, what if I had a credit card (even though I don't, but hypothetically speaking) and you decided to take that information and do illegal things with it? Maybe since you aren't yet 19 you could not be charged as a full adult.
Him: No, it' s different out here, the legal age is 18.
Me: So you can drink out there at 18?
Him: Yeah..
Me: Oh, that sux! How come all this stuff is different? We are one country, we should all be the same!
Him: Well,........
Me: So why would you get a different job?
Him: Oh man.........so off topic............
Me: Yeah I'm good at that, aren't I?
Him: Yeah......... SO your plan would be $35 a month plus free voicemail....
Me: Are they listening to us right now?
Him: I think Rogers is a great company to work for.
Me: They ARE listening to us right now aren't they!
Him: Rogers is a great company to work for.
Me: Oh man! So it's like in '1984', they're listening to you right now, recording our conversation.... do they have little monitors in front of you that show Rogers promotional videos all day?
Him: ....(laughing quietly in little gasps)....... So, the plan will be $35 a month........

And that was about the point where I could tell he was consciously trying not to get led astray again, no matter how much I tried. There was more earlier in the conversation, little things, but it is hard to recall that long a conversation in great detail. He was funny, trying to to his job, but there I was, asking dumb questions. I was so tired when he first called, it took a while to get details about the phone plans embedded in my mind, and I kept asking the same things over and over at first. Apparently I sound like his sister when I am mulling things over aloud! I managed to keep him on the phone for half an hour. Such a great victory! I love messing with the promotional people. I shouldn't, since I used to do door-to-door promotions and should remember how it feels to have time half wasted, but it is so much fun. When I get a land line, I will have fun with the telemarketers..........

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I don't understand why my body is such a moron a lot of the time. I woke up at weird times yesterday, and couldn't get enough sleep. Surprisingly I wasn't that tired at work, but when I got home this morning, Sam asked me to help him with clearing out his storage crap, and it is amazing what people keep. I was guilty of that myself in the past, but then I got to the point where I realized that I was going to turn in to my mom if I didn't throw more stuff away. So now I take a certain amount of glee in throwing things out. The bigger the pile that leaves the house, the better. So we threw out a bunch of stuff, like his grade 10 homework (!!!), and boxes boxes boxes! Now I will actually have room to put some of MY stuff in the storage area!! Not like I have a lot of stuff...

The cleaning of the storage area, which is under the stairs, also presents me with a chance to do some filling up of holes that have been buried by boxes. There are long gaps that are running diagonal with the stairs, and I believe that I see a spot where mice could be entering our space. SO, I will be blocking it up! Yay! So much fun! If I get paid tonight I will go buy some drywall compund in the morning and do it properly; otherwise I will use the caulk, foam and cardboard that we planned on using while in the Revy. I prefer drywall, because I love drywall, but Sam was purchasing the supplies and didn't want to shell out that much money (it is under the stairs, who cares what it looks like?). I will be so tired by the end of this week, but I like to get rid of CRAP, and I have no school right now, so it's all good.


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

School and Sharon, the essential S's 

Well, another semester is over! Thank god..... So until the start of January, I only have work to concentrate on. THEN, in January, I start one class, on Tuesdays and Fridays. The drag is that the class is noon to 2pm. So, on Tuesdays I will have 4 hours to kill from the time I finish work to the time my class starts. What the hell am I gonna do for 4 hours? I suppose I will have time to do homework, but I may take a nap on the couches in the student union some days, I guess..... THEN, from Feb 21-Apr 16, for the second half of the semester, I will also have another class on Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri from 10am-noon. I will be so tired and unaccessible to the world once again. Ah, well, what must be done will be done.

Sharon, my best friend, was staying at my place for a while to take a break from family. She has gone home now....... Kinda sux not having her here a bunch. Even though I didn't get to spend a lot of quality time with her, it was nice to come home to Sharon, or be home and have Sharon walk in. One day I will have my own house, and I will demand that she take up residence in said house. Then, whenever I need a Sharon fix, I will go bang on the door. Hee hee!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

I hate mice!!! 

So we have had mice in the house for a while, and though we haven't actually seen them downstairs, we have heard them, and our landlady has seen them upstairs. I bought some traps so I could catch them and release them far far away from the house. WELL, I went to start my car today, and it didn't start. Didn't think much of it, I know I have to replace a few parts and things. When me and Sam came home, he needed to borrow my tire pressure gauge thingy, so I go get it out of my glove box. Now, I had had a box of Reese's Peices in there, and it is blatantly obvious that mice have made their way into my car, and into my glove box, eaten the chocolate goodness, ripped up half the box for their own amusement, pooped, and then left. So, now the mice must die. If it turms out that they have chewed their way through some wire or made a nest somewhere in my engine, and that is why it won't start, I will put them in a box with some very hungry cats. I am no longer a friend of the mice. They have crossed me, and as certain people know, I do NOT react well to this!! If mice one day take over the planet, I will crush them and take over the world myself, and one of my main platforms will be a mouse-free world. The mice have incurred my wrath, and it shall be mighty!!!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


While I was looking up information for a class presenation recently, I came across a lot of interesting information regarding the relationship dynamic between men and women. It was mentioned in quite a few government articles, books, and web pages, like this one, that men and women derive their happiness and/or depression from the relationships they have within the family, which could also be applied to shared accomodations.
Each sex needs emotional support from a different place. Men seem to react strongly to the kind of emotional support that they receive from their spouse; women react to the amount of help they get around the house, ie. cleaning, organization, care of any children. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it in terms of common complaints from people living with the opposite sex. Males living with females have been known to complain that the females are irrational, crazy, unstable. If the male is not providing enough support with household chores and/or childcare, then this would cause the female to become aggravated, which would come out in interaction. Females have been known to complain that males they are living with are providing little to no participation in household chores, and this may not seem like an important issue to males, but it is important to females.
This explains quite a lot, if you think about how living relationships are portrayed in television and movies. It may not be just a stereotype that men are lazy and women are crazy. This could be based on actual circumstances. Men don't see the little things as mattering a lot of the time, but the little things are what make up the big picture, like puzzle pieces. If you throw out half the pieces, you don't get the satisfaction of the pretty picture at the end.

I can look at this information in reference to relationships that I have had in the past. The boyfriends that I miss, no matter how assholish they turned out to be in the end, are the ones that did the little things, like letting his bus go by so he could sit with me five minutes until mine arrived, and then waiting 25 minutes afterwards for his own bus. Or carrying my bag just because. Or any number of little things that seem like nothing, but when you add them all together they say a lot.

In regards to the help around the house bit, I can say for a certainty that when there is a prolonged period of lack of help, girls can tend to get progressively frustrated, leading to anger and stress levels that get to the point that sleep is lost, and comfort levels at ones own home go down. There is little that can be done, it seems, when a rift has been created by the situation. It's almost a catch-22. The badness wouldn't have been there in the first place if a discussion had taken place about such responsibilities, but now that the badness is there, talking about it may just lead to more badness. And the badness leads to more stress......... See the cyclicalness of it all?

What is to be done if someone is dead set against doing something?

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