Monday, October 18, 2004

Ack! What a dumb day!
I had a doctor's appointment at West Broadway and Willow for 10:50am. I leave my house late, at about 10:25-10:30 am. I haul ass down there, and I am going to only be about five minutes late. I notice that my car is starting to smoke, like when it is raining out.....but it's not raining. Then the smoking gets worse, and my temp light goes on. Uh-oh! So I have to park in the Cactus Club parking lot, and when I lift my hood there is a crapload of smoke pouring out, and antifreeze has sprayed everywhere! Ok, whatever, I gotta go to the doctor's. I waited for like another hour, after the hour I was already at the doctor's office, and when I start the car it is still smoking. I manage to get my car to a Minit Lube that is six blocks away. There was a split in the radiator hose, so it was pouring antifreeze over the entire engine, as well as my old thermostat was stuck in open position. After the hose and thermostat are replaced, it's still overheating. So, turns out that half my rad is hot, half is cold, which means there is probably a block or something. Hopefully that is all it is, and it will be all fixed tomorrow......... I have been awake since 9am, it is 9pm now, and I work at midnight-8am, then to get my car. I am gonna be so tired.....

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