Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I have been awake for 28 hours at this point after being awake all day yesterday since 8:30am and then working all night and then going to skool where i got a parking ticket and then on the way i home i was driving with the windows open and yelling and it was fun and i think i am going to drop keyboarding class because i won't meet the speed and accuracy requirements so that sux cuz it is wasted money and i am typing in a mad frenzy but of course not with hands on home row cuz i was never taught that when i was younger and i am so broke because of the radiator and i don't get paid again until next week friday but i need to get gas before then and i also need to go to value village for stuff for my halloween costume and i have to pay rent which i saved so i may have to borrow some of that and my landlady is cool like that where she won't mind but i don't like doing that cuz it's my rent ya know and that's just weird to be doing with rent money but the old tenant did that a lot but considering he turned into a drug addict that doesn't say much for renters borrowing money so i don't wanna have that stigma associated with borrowing my own rent and speaking of old tenant i had a friend over here who she thought was the old tenant's dealer and i KNOW this person doesn't do drugs of any sort so i thought that was kinda funny and i hope she doesn't think that this person is a dealer and call the cops or something cuz that would be kinda embarassing for them and me and nobody wants that and i am hungry now..............

Monday, October 25, 2004

OH MY GOD!!!! The greatest invention ever is Rain-x!!! I thought I needed to get new wipers, but NO! A bit of Rain-x and your windows repel water like Teflon! AWESOME!! I don't even need wipers anymore!!! The water just rolls off in beads....Ah, so good!

As anybody who really knows me will know, my favorite bands must be Stone Temple Pilots and Metallica. I have seen Metallica four times in concert, and they are fucking awesome! Stone Temple pilots only twice, excellent both times. Scott Weiland, singer of STP, is now the singer for Velvet Revolver. I still love to listen to him sing, but every time I watch the newest video that he is in, I get sad. Why, you ask? He has been in and out of rehab for heroin addiction for the past few years, was clean for about a year and a bit, then jumped off the wagon again. And every time I see him, he looks worse. Skinnier, gaunter.......... I am reminded of Alice in Chains' Layne Staley, and his death due to overdose in April 2002. So sudden, but not at all shocking.

You can go through music history and in every generation find at least a few deaths due to drugs. There has been much said by artists that drugs have influenced them in their work, but it is still a blow when one of your favorite singers dies of their own hand. William S. Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch, was on a cocktail of drugs while writing many of his books. Everyone remembers when Kurt Cobain died, and his will be one of rhe most remembered deaths of a rock musician for this generation.

I wonder when we as a species will learn?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Well, the hated class presentation is coming up this Thursday. Hopefully I come down with some weird exotic disease so I have a good excuse to be sick that day..... Why do they make us do these things? As students, we are already stressed out, so shouldn't they be helping us by easing our stress by NOT making us do these things?? I tell you, if I was queen of the world, things would be way different......
So, my car has nipples... I find that very funny! I got my friend to show me basic car stuff, like how to change a tire. Got hose to bleed brakes, so will do that next week. They are so squishy, is no good. He let me drive his Corvette, too! Such a penis car....

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Well........ Good thing I had a lot of money left from my last payday........ I just got to pay Minit Lube $678.02 for a new hose, radiator, clutch fan, and labor. My goodness!! Well, since I got the car for free, it's all good. Would need a new one at some point anyways. so whatever!! At least my car won't be overheating anymore...

I forgot how much I liked walking outside. I got to take the bus and skytrain to work last night, and it was nice. Fresh air, walking............ I really should do more walking... If anyone ever wants to go walking nowhere in particular, let me know!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Ack! What a dumb day!
I had a doctor's appointment at West Broadway and Willow for 10:50am. I leave my house late, at about 10:25-10:30 am. I haul ass down there, and I am going to only be about five minutes late. I notice that my car is starting to smoke, like when it is raining out.....but it's not raining. Then the smoking gets worse, and my temp light goes on. Uh-oh! So I have to park in the Cactus Club parking lot, and when I lift my hood there is a crapload of smoke pouring out, and antifreeze has sprayed everywhere! Ok, whatever, I gotta go to the doctor's. I waited for like another hour, after the hour I was already at the doctor's office, and when I start the car it is still smoking. I manage to get my car to a Minit Lube that is six blocks away. There was a split in the radiator hose, so it was pouring antifreeze over the entire engine, as well as my old thermostat was stuck in open position. After the hose and thermostat are replaced, it's still overheating. So, turns out that half my rad is hot, half is cold, which means there is probably a block or something. Hopefully that is all it is, and it will be all fixed tomorrow......... I have been awake since 9am, it is 9pm now, and I work at midnight-8am, then to get my car. I am gonna be so tired.....

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Ugh........... so tired on Friday, I couldn't make it to Briana's party. And I love parties! Man, I miss the old days when Ronald's parents would go out of town and he would throw a damn good party. There would be so many people there, I sometimes didn't know a bunch of them. Once, Scarfo brought a party from PoCo up to Ron's, and we didn't know any of those people. I believe that was the same party where someone decided that we should get everyone to sign a guest list, so we could count how many people there were actually there, and we had like 120 people there. Ahhh, good times...... Then there was standing on the porch, looking in the big window and dubbing conversations that we couldn't hear, and since the people inside were doing stupid things because they were drunk, and we were making them say dumb things because we were drunk, it turned into the dumbest things they could possibly say. ....................All the empties to clean up the next day............All the naked people to wake up downstairs......................... All the cleaning up to do............. The tent that Willy or someone would inevitably bring to set up as a hotbox in the backyard........ Shotgunning pot through the shotgun that someone either brought or found in Ron's house..............
Why is it that I look upon those days with both such fondness and regret?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Well, it's all Paul's fault....

Ask me 6 questions. Any six, no matter how personal, private or random, I have to answer them honestly. In turn you have to post this message in your own blog/journal. Go for it.
This is a horrible idea, by the way..... Whoever thought of it should be subjected to chinese water torture or something similar.... As fun as it is to ask these questions, it isn't always fun to have to answer them!!

I can't see any of my posts that aren't from today! Or any of the links and crap on the side!! WHAT THE HELL DID I DO!!!???!!

Welcome to my world of genius..... Posted by Hello

Well, don't I feel like a tool today??
So, I was at work last night, and one of the girls went to her car, which was parked behind me, and she called up and said that someone had smashed in her passenger side wondow rooted around, and taken nothing. Okay, that sux. But my car was fine (why would anyone think of looking in my car for anything to take?) so I was happy. I leave work at the end of my shift, and nobody ran out in front of my car on a kamikaze mission today. Yay! So I go on the highway, and get off at my exit, so far uneventful. Up Canada Way, by NWSS, as I am on my way to school, they are doing construction. They have rerouted the traffic, so follow the cones we go. I get stopped at the intersection, so I am at the head of the line to go next. The flagger waves me forward, and off I go! Promptly into the WRONG LANE! I am headed straight to the machine that is melting and flattening the new tar onto the street. Well, that's always fun... So I back up and get in the proper direction, and go down the right section of road....... all the while hiding my face from surrounding traffic which may recognize me. Yeesh........ So I get to the underground parking garage at school, and lo! it is not full today, as it was yesterday. I pull up, retrieve the ticket that is spat out to me from the ittle metal box, and proceed to enter the garage. As I drive, I notice that I am hearing a strange noise..... I mute my stereo, and realize that what I am hearing is a scraping sound of unknown origin, but I am 99% certain that it is eminating from the ass end of my car. Joy and sunshine!! Just how long this noise has been....well, noising... I have no idea. I begin to wonder what it is... Did I somehow drag a pylon from the construction along to school woth me? Did the strip of metal that is duct taped halfway onto my bumper fnally come loose? There are all sorts of things it could be.... I park, jump out to take a look. Bumper fine, okay....... Look under car, and see my tailpipe hanging, dragging onto the ground. I am picturing in my head the bumper's proper place being right about where the pipe is ended, and assume that I am now missing my muffler. Great! Oh well, nothing I can do about it now, so I go to class. Holy hell! Teacher is giving us homework! Damn! And that class was going so good, too... No real homework so far, was looking forward to more of that. Anyway, find out I got 82% on midterm, kinda pissed off, seeing as how it was all grammar, and my mom is an ESL teacher, I should have had a much better mark! After class, I call everyone I can think of who may know what I should do. No luck! I go and manage to find a hanger, planning on going to see if I can rig it up somehow. As I am going to the elevator, I am trying to twist the top hooky part of the hangar part, so I can have a straight line of wire. The hooky bit breaks off.... Joy! So I have a hangar I can't unwind, only bend, and a noisier car than usual. I get to my floor in the parking garage, and what do I see?!?!?! A tow truck!!! Great! How convenient! Someone else had locked their keys in their car, and had called the truck dude. So I ask him for his expertise, and we walk over to my car. He gets down on the ground, and looks at it. Says it's just my tailpipe, my muffler is still there (it is, in fact, in the middle of my car, not near the end as envisioned), and then goes to grab my tailpipe. Then it comes off. So, after all that worrying, my tailpipe is shorter. My only worry is that I may get fumes coming into my car. Which is not good, since that is how people kill themselves. Tool, tool, tool tool tool!! I am such a tool!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

So, I am getting ready to leave work this morning, and the manager is coming in to take over. She tells me that some of the girls have been telling her things that I have supposedly been doing, just stupid little things. Pisses me off, not what they are saying, but that I haven't done anything! So, I leave work, and I'm driving up Hornby, and some retard is running across the street, through heavy traffic, and I had to slam on my brakes to not hit him. Like, what the hell is the matter with people??!!!?? AAGGHHH!! Then I had a mid-term, which I finished in 15mins, so I got to go home and do some homework. Yay me.........

Friday, October 08, 2004

Baby being too quiet? Need them to wake up your neighbours for some deranged reason? Well, just a spoon of this new flavor and your baby will be ready to scream his or her little heart out! Now available at all discount food stores! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wins award for "Most pissed off looking cat of 2004"!!! Don't know who did this, but apparently they were really drunk. Posted by Hello

Yes, I have been negligent in updating my blog. What can I say, I have been busy with school and work!!
So, what's new in the world of Natasha? Well....................
Work - My hours are a tad fewer compared to my summer shifts. This is due to the fact that I am in school again this semester, and the fact that two receptionists are not needed on the weekend graveyards in the fall, since we aren't as busy as the summer. Instead of working five graveyard shifts in a row, I am working Mon-Tues-Wed midnight-8am, and Saturdays 8am-8pm. It must have taken me a week or so to get used to the swing shifts, because for a week or two I was so forgetful and tired. I was neglecting things at work, got in a bit of shit from my boss, and was being messier than I care for at home. Everything is fine now, getting used to the schedule.
School - I am only in two classes this semester, and even though it is only two hours a day for four days a week, I am already more behind than I would like. I never learned to type properly, and one of my classes is keyboarding. Since I am not the swiftest typer, it is not something that I LOVE to do. So, as everyone does, when there is something you don't really like to do, you put it off and put it off...... Which is the exact opposite of what I should be doing, which is practising and practising and practising. Sigh......... I am horrendously behind. My other class is not so bad, but since it takes me so long to complete sessions of my typing assignments, the two classs combine to make it difficult to get all my work done all on time. Ack!! And of course there is the dreaded class presentation to prepare for............ You know, public speaking is the number one fear of like 95% of people; death is number two. Does that not say how much public speaking really sux??
Driving - I am still wavering in my level of comfort when driving. I have to make a conscious effort to un-tense my muscles when driving sometimes. It seems to depend on what day it is, what time of day it is, and what area I am driving in. If I am driving down the highway, I am pretty okay. Going down narrow roads, such as 12th in Vancouver, since my car is so wide, and the road is so narrow, I am so paranoid while driving, it is just unnerving. On weekday late evenings, like after 11pm, there are less cars, so it is really calm. And I have this thing with bridges where I hate to drive over them. See, I relate driving to playing hockey....... In hockey, if you are playing defense,and you miss the puck, it's okay, that's what the goalie is there for. But if you are the goalie and you miss, well you have a lot of pissed off players mad at you. The same applies for driving: if you are driving down a regular road, if you need to you can always aim towards a house or a tree or something; when you are on a bridge you kinda have nowhere to go except over into the water. I don't like that deal...........
So, that's the deal with me........... I dunno when I will get off my lazy ass to do another update, so enjoy this one thoroughly!!

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