Friday, August 27, 2004

MWUAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Soon I shall have Fridays and Sundays off!!!! This means there will be drinking abound with no regard for waking up early in the morning!!!! HAHAHA!!! It will be glorious!!! And I will bother everyone to accompany me on my drunken outings, and we shall wreak havoc upon the city! Yes! GO FORTH MY MINIONS, AND LORD OVER ALL YOU SEE!!! VOMIT IN THE ALLEYS!!!! SCARE THE ELDERLY!! YES!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Yay me! I have my newfie licence! Now I can crash my car ALL BY MYSELF!!! Ah, 'tis a glorious day! Full of merriment and joy, and the possibilities are endless! Now I have been given the power to control a hurtling peice of metal weighing a few hundred pounds throughout the streets of Vancouver, hell wherever I wanna go! MWUHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Okay............. I have my road test on Thursday morning. I am SOOO hoping that I get my licence. If I don't, I am gonna be so pissed off for the next year while I wait to try again. My driving instructor says that I am fine, but I hope I will be okay! With the tester, he/she will be a new person, so it's weird..... I will have to not look at them, and pretend they are someone else or something. Aiy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Apparently I am the bestest hospital companion ever! I went with Sarah to her kidney biopsy on Wed, Aug 04 , and we had quite the time waiting for the biopsy. The nurse in the biopsy part of the hospital said I couldn't be there while the actual biopsy was happening, in case I had a problem with the needle. BUT the lady who was actually going to be there helping do the biopsy said that as long as I was okay with the needley stuff, I could stay. I am fine with needles, so no prob! Besides, Sarah needed someone's hand to crush! Quite interesting to see how they send a big long fucking needle through the back, and into the kidney, and then suck up a little chunk of your innards...... Amazing!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I am ever so pissed off. I was at the mall the other day, and passed by one of the motor vehicle offices. So I figure, what the hell? I'll renew my learner's licence while I'm here, since it expires on August 19. The lady says no, can't renew it anymore. Apparently the rules have changed, and I can't renew it anymore. I either get my 'N' licence, or when my licence expires I will have to start all over again with a learner's licence. I will have to retake the written test, and wait another year before I can take my road test! What the hell! So I have a road test booked for August 19. If I don't pass I am fucked. Then my beautiful Veronica will be ever so neglected!
Then I go home to register for my classes, since my registration time is at 3:30pm. I get online at 3:40pm, since there was some truck being a moron on the highway, and the two classes I wanted are full! Fuck! So, I registered for one of the classes, but not the time I wanted at all. Argh!!! So, again, I will be going to the classes on the first day to beg the teacher's to let me in! Such a pain in the ass...............

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