Monday, July 26, 2004

Ugh..........So the heat is very hot outside some days, it makes me glad I work graveyards. It does not make it easier to not overheat my beautiful Veronica, though, seeing as though she may have a broken thermostat. Not easy getting lots of driving experience in my car when I am scared to drive it for overheating it.
Sara told me a fun little game to play when driving! Apparently when you go for your final road test, the one that makes you a real driver and no longer a new driver, the examiner will say at random times for you to name all the hazards currently on the road, such as another car could change lanes without shoulder checking, or that child on the sidewalk could chase a ball into traffic. So, I'm driving us along, and we're passing a church, so I say, "Okay, so today could be the day of the mass suicide from the church, and they could all decide to run out into traffic right in front of me. So I will swerve to avoid them, and instead hit a pole!" Then we pass a construction site, and I think, " Okay, so they could be installing the gas line in now, and a worker will light a cigarette too close to a gas leak, and the whole place will EXPLODE and a guy will land in the middle of the road, and I will have to swerve to avoid him, in the process endangering everyone in the oncoming traffic lane!" What a fun little game! It is great for me, as I am naturally paranoid. I have thoughts all the time that this could happen, or that could happen, I don't know if that is healthy or not......

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