Sunday, June 27, 2004

So, graveyards are way better when you work with someone. I like working with Renee on the weekends, we can get all rowdy and get stuff done at the same time. It makes me lazy, though, having someone else to leave all the stuff that I just don't want to do...... Oh, well!!!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

So, as some of you may or may not know, I am a receptionist at an escort agency. Now, guys call asking for all sorts of things, and all kinds of girls and boys. They are calling us, presumably because they don't know anyone who will spend time with them for free. Some of the guys are asking for very SPECIFIC things, things that most of the girls won't do. What really gets me is when the guys are so picky about what the girl looks like! Come on, buddy, you wanna get someone who will stick their finger up your butt, but she has to be a young, tall blonde, wear nylons, and have long nails (ew)? Well, I have an older brunette who has no nails and might have nylons, and she is willing to do that. Oh, not good enough? Oh, too expensive? Well, how about you go down to Hastings and Main, I'm sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for, and real cheap! Just watch out for those nasty STD's! IDIOTS! I have come to the conclusion that penis'=stupidity. What is wrong with guys?!?! I don't understand. I can understand if a guy is wanting something normal, and is wanting a young girl, ok. But really........ If you want someone who's face you won't even be looking at for most of the time, do you really care what she looks like? Pfffffff...........
Sharon is coming back early! Sharon is coming back early!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Stupid Australia! I knew she loved me more!! I WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

So, graveyards are weird. Nothing except 7-11 is open, so you can't buy anything until 8am when things open. Like, the other morning I wanted to make guacamole and nachos, but I needed an avacado. 6am, nowhere open. I had to wait until 8am. Argghhhhhh!!!!!!! Why can't 7-11 have avacados!?!?
Sharon will be back in a month, maybe month-and-a-half. Yay! And Glen is coming home from Montreal! Yay! I will have more friends here to entertain me while I am awake all night at home!!!!!! I plan on going drinking and walking around the neighbourhood whilst doing so, like when we were 14 years old. Did that with Boots last week, weird being outside with beer, watching the sun come up. People leave for work early, dude! I am glad I work graveyards! I don't have to deal with a fuckload of people on the bus & skytrain going to work or home from work, because everyone is the opposite way as me. Yay, no stupid people! I get to sit down, relax, read, all in all a leisurely ride to work at night! Then in September, when school starts again, I will probably have to deal with more people.......Boooo!!!!!!
There's my rant for the week, I guess....

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