Monday, April 16, 2007

cake and skating and pirates!! 

So it was my birthday on Sunday, so the weekend was super-happy-fun time!

On Saturday, Sharon and Sarah organized a dinner at White Spot (aka. the Caucasian Stain) for a select few people. On the way there, me and Matt stopped to pick up an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen, and Matt had it inscribed with, "Happy Birthday Fruit Bat!" We arrived at White Spot, where the best of the best were waiting for us. We got to order pirate paks, which was awesome, and Sarah came prepared with tinfoil hooks, bandannas, and a 'parrot' to sit on my shoulder, so we looked the part. During our meal we spoke with a pirate accent, punctuated by many an "Arrrr!", and "Me matey!" and the occasional "Ahoy!" After our meal, as we were leaving the restaurant, I was departing with Sarah, and I found out that walking semi-backwards and yelling across the parking lot is inadvisable when there are speed bumps right in front/behind you. I bailed gloriously, landing on my right hip and butt cheek. Good thing I have a lot of padding, but it still ouched! We adjourned to my place, where everyone got their first glimpse of the new digs, and then off we went to 8 Rinks for ice-skating! This is were you really find out how feeble you now are. After a few scary minutes where I was certain I was going to plummet forward and break something, I got a bit more acclimated to the skates, and got to go a bit faster. Man, you sure feel it when you use muscles you haven't used in a bit! Then a few of use went to Dave's to watch, "Lady in the Water," which I of course fell asleep for most of. I was all tuckered out!

On Sunday, Matt and I made breakfast, and watched,"Stranger than Fiction," starring Will Ferrell. Good movie, odd but good. Then I was off to meet my mom and grandma for dinner. We were going to go to Swiss Chalet, but my mom called me from outside and said there was no way in hell we were going there, as there were about 40 people in line waiting for tables, and the parking lot was chock full as well. So, we went where we go every year - White Spot. Instead of my usual hamburger, I went wild and had a Quesadilla. Yummy! My mom and grandma gave me some gifts, and me and my mom laughed at some of the things Baba said and heard. My mom proclaimed that she felt as if she was in a John Cleese skit. Ahhh, moms!

So, that was my 26th B-day.

Coming up next in my wild life: paying school tuition, and saving up for a new couch, since my armchair broke. Also, ongoing decorations to put up in my apartment. I put up star lights on my living room ceiling today, and it looks smashing! Just smashing!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


In preparation for me moving, I made myself a budget in excel, to make sure I didn't spend money on stuff I don't need with no recollection of where it went. Did you know that on average people spend $60 a week with no idea where it went? So, I have been allocating every dollar from my paycheques to a number of 'accounts', such as rent, RRSP, groceries, etc, all in all about 35 accounts. I have been doing good, except that I have been overspending on snacks/food when out. So, in order to rectify this, I am now unable to spend any money until my next paycheque. This is the time when you eat what you have in your cupboards, all that food that you would otherwise leave in favor for something else. Sigh...
Speaking of cupboards, I am going to make mine cowprint! I got some of that stuff that you roll and stick into the bottom of your drawers, or on shelves, and I'm going to cover my cupboard doors in it instead. Moooo! And I have to install these halogen lights that Matt got me a while ago, and then my kitchen projects will be complete, at least for the time being.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


It is so weird living all by myself, but at the same time not that weird at all. It's just me and Alfalfa, and I am pretty much all unpacked now. I still need to get my dishes from Sharon's parents' house in Coquitlam so I can stop using my yellow plastic picnic plates, and I need a kitchen table, and I have maybe one more load of some things to get from the old place, but other than that, I'm done! I bought my very own vacuum, and am now the proud owner of a Dirt Devil! Score! Anyways, I now have to rearrange my bedroom, I have decided that a different configuration would be better. I believe some Eggies will help me... evil, evil chocolate eggies.....

Monday, February 19, 2007


After searching since basically Christmas, I have finally found a place I like, in a great area, and they said I can have it! Yay! It's right by Highgate, at Kingsway and Edmonds-ish, so I'll be right at the Save-On-Foods, the 24-hr drugstore, the bakery, the porn store (totally wasted on me), the little produce store, Value Village, a dollar store, McDonald's (true test of will), Me-n-Ed's Pizza (maybe I'll actually try it out one of these days!), and.... a BINGO hall! Rock on! I can either take one of two 5-minute buses to the skytrain, or (if it isn't raining/snowing/boiling hot) walk to the skytrain (if I am not feeling ridiculously lazy or exhausted). There is a huge deck for Alfalfa (once I escape-proof it), and lots of good closet space for me to hide things from myself. Lots of light, and a digital thermostat thingy! Score! Now I'll just have to do the calling around to get my mailing address changed. That's one good thing about moving - you only have to let who you want to get mail from know what your new address is, and all the other stuff that you don't care about gets lost! Hahaha, stupid junk mail!
I will need to figure out who I want to get for my internet, phone, and cable services. Shaw is looking good for all 3, but if I get the phone and internet with Rogers, and bundle it with my cell phone, I save 10%. Hmmm! Torn! Or, Telus is offering a $100 AMX gift card with one year sign up, or a digital camera (which I don't need) for 2-3 year sign up. I don't know!
So cute!!! She will be a little confused for a little while when we move, but once furniture is in place so she can get used to it, and once she gets to go outside onto her porch, she'll be fine! She might be a little lonely in the day, but maybe someone will go visit her once in a while when I'm not there?
I am finally getting rid of this debt I had to Revenue Services of Canada for my MSP Premiums. It's amazing what doing your last 3 years of taxes gets accomplished! It's kind of annoying having to be on hold for so long, and the having to talk to two different places about the same thing, but it's all getting cleared up now! I love not having this thing hanging over my head, this black cloud of doom. It feels way better. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!...............
I have made myself a budget, allotting a certain amount every paycheck to different categories, such as rent, groceries, entertainment, dentist, basically everything I could think of that I would need to spend money on in a year. It will work really well, after this first month after moving. I have to pay a half months pet deposit in addition to the half months damage deposit, so it's going to gobble up a big chunk of my money this next little bit. Oh well, I'll be all good after! I want to actually save some money up, aside from my RRSP's. I don't want to end up poor and in debt when I am older!

Ok, that's enough for today! It's bathroom time!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

mmmm, blood and penis 

So we went to Body Worlds 3 at Science World on Sunday morning at 4am. We bought the tickets in advance, since they were selling like hotcakes, and it's a good thing we did, because they were all sold out! It was so weird, being the middle of the night and so many people at science world. There were even little kids there, which we didn't understand, because why would you bring your 6 year old to see something like that? They wouldn't truly understand what they were looking at, for one thing, and I doubt they would even understand enough to be amused at the numerous penises and testicles, as younger kids would be. The cross section of the penis was not as interesting as I imagined it would be. They had ovaries too, with tumors, but not with cysts, which I would have loved to see, since I get them. There were some exhibits where there was only the blood vessels of a body part so you were looking at a kidney-shaped blood vessel bunch. They also had a rooster like that, which I liked but Matt found creepy. Then there was the embryo section, so you could see each week what a baby looked like inside, and some that were premature. There was the lung cancer section, which was sooo gross. There were healthy lungs, and then lungs that were black from all the smoking the owner of them did. Yick! Anyway, I am hungry, so I will be cutting this short.

PS. I think I had an ovarian cyst burst last night at 5am. I woke up to such pain in my abdomen, but nothing like the previous 2 times. Yay, cysts! I am always worried that the pain I feel could be my appendix filling up with poisonous fluids, readying to explode and kill me, and not a cysts. That'll be the day...

Friday, January 12, 2007

The search continues! And Salsa! 

Saw an apartment I didn't hate today. The only thing I am hesitant about is the rent, and that is only because I have never lived on my own before, and have always shared the rent with someone else. I realize that I will have to trade thriftiness for satisfactory living conditions, but whatever. I was initially thinking of getting a bachelor's suite, because I liked Sharon's place when she was living in one, and they are a bit cheaper. After giving it some thought, though, I do need at least a one-bedroom. If I lived in a bachelor's suite, I would become soooo lazy, since no matter what part of the room/apartment I went to, my bed would be right there, and look so inviting, and be so warm and comfy.... So, I have vetoed the idea of a bachelor suite. Also, I think Alfalfa would grow weary of me in a bachelor, never being able to get alone time.... or maybe she'd like someone always being there, I dunno! She is a freakishly needy cat some days. Speaking of which, I really have to clean her cat box today before I go to sleep....

P.S. Bought some sandwich pocket thingies, and shoved in some turkey, cheese, lettuce, green pepper, and salsa, and I have decided that salsa makes everything taste better. I approve of my new creation!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


So, went looking at places for rent yesterday, and I must say that I don't understand how it is that landlords expect to actually find someone willing to pay money to live in some of the places we saw. Seriously, it boggles the mind. I wonder, would it be a good thing, an eye-opening experience, to list off all the atrocities you see? That way they can at least fix the things and not get fined by the health board.
-When you open the freezer to look at the size, it should not smell like rotting food.
-Outside the main entrance should not smell strongly of cat urine.
-Try actually cleaning the place before showing it!
-The unit should not smell of curry.
-People will not pay $850/mth for 2 bedrooms that together equal one normal size bedroom, and no discernible eating area or living room.
Oy! Back to searching.....

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